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Urinary Tract Tnfections (UTI) & Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI)

The urinary system is made up of the urethra, bladder and kidneys. An infection can occur in any of these parts.  Women are more likely to suffer from urinary tract compared to males due to anatomic differences. They are more common in the urethra and bladder and become more serious when they involve the kidney.

You may feel pelvic pain, the urgency to urinate, pain on urination, or visible blood in the urine. If the infection has progressed to the kidney, you may feel back pain, nausea, vomiting, or fevers. Here at HEAL, we can do the initial testing of the urine and send for a full test panel to be completed by our partners in pathology: Laverty. We can prescribe an initial dose of antibiotics if suitable and based on the test results, we can tailor the treatment to best help you. 

Unprotected sex with a partner(s) that is infected with an infection or disease is how STI’s occur. STI’s are transmission-based infections that can occur via skin-to-skin contact with an infectious sexual partner. This can include orally, vaginally, or anally and can present in many ways both symptomatically and asymptomatically. Some of the more common STI’s are: chlamydia, gonorrhea and genital warts, or herpes and symptoms of these include: genital itching, swelling, redness, irritation, sores, or rash. If left untreated, STI’s can cause a range of complicated health conditions, and while using protection is an important way to prevent this, here at HEAL we can do an STI screening test for you and if required provide the appropriate treatment for you.


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