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Covid-19 & Respiratory Illnesses

Urgent Care providing in-person assessment & treatment

Heal Specialist Urgent Care can see, assess and treat all sorts of respiratory complaints, including COVID-19, coughs and colds, mild to moderate asthma, pneumonia not requiring hospitalisation, and ear nose and throat complaints. 

We welcome paediatric patients to our clinic and can provide support and diagnostics in house.

We have a specialised respiratory zone where we see all sorts of infectious diseases, and this area can be physically isolated from the rest of the clinic, as well as isolating each individual patient “pod”. The whole space has HEPA filtered air conditioning with negative flow to the outside (not recirculated). We are experts in managing respiratory conditions and have been dealing with COVID-19 patients and infection control throughout the pandemic. We can test for COVID-19 onsite.

We can perform chest X-rays in-house through our partner Hunter Imaging Group. If more complex imaging of the chest (e.g. CT scan) is required we can arrange these for you off-site in a nearby Hunter Imaging facility and promptly review those scans once completed.  We also offer spirometry testing, and blood gas analysis, and can refer for more formal pulmonary function testing. We can also refer to Respiratory Specialists for more complex cases or chronic lung diseases requiring long-term specialist support. 

Remember, if you need oxygen therapy, you should probably be in the hospital. When experiencing respiratory symptoms there are some signs to be aware of that will require medical intervention. One of which, hypoxia (low blood oxygen), can include: severe shortness of breath, confusion, and palpitations. Patients experiencing this might show visible signs including difficulty breathing,  blue skin or lips, or even pale and sweaty skin.

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