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Fees & Billings

We're transparent about costs

Heal Specialist Urgent Care: Simple and Upfront Cost

Your admission to Heal Specialist Urgent Care is simple: $295. This covers everything you need, including:

  • Admission and use of the facilities
  • Assessment by our expert emergency team
  • Onsite X-ray imaging (if needed)
  • Onsite pathology testing (if needed)
  • Devices required for your recovery (boots, crutches, slings etc.)

Good news!

No further fees apply
for doctor consultations, treatments, or procedures. Medicare covers these additional costs.

Important Note: This information assumes you have Medicare coverage. If you don’t have Medicare, please call Heal Specialist Urgent Care to inquire about the cost for visitors or people without Medicare.

Workcover: SIRA WorkCover Rates apply for all aspects of a work-related presentation. Medicare does not cover work related injuries or illnesses.

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