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Burns, Bites & Rashes

Burns & Bites
Our skin, while a fantastic defensive layer for our internal organs, can be damaged due to fire, electricity, hot liquids, chemicals, or even bites from animals and humans alike. The impact of these events can be relatively superficial or comprehensive and affects many layers of skin, muscle, tissue, and even down to bone. 

Determining the severity of the injury is based on the size, depth, and involvement of the surrounding tissue. Some skin injuries are more difficult to diagnose and can range from minor discomfort, to complete loss of sensation and in some cases can become life-threatening in nature. If left untreated, these injuries can be at risk of developing infections and causing permanent damage.

Causes of a skin rash can vary greatly and it is important to note that these can be indicative of some underlying conditions or diseases. Rashes can occur on multiple parts of the body and can be due to: weather exposure, clothing, irritants, or allergies, or be a physical presentation of certain diseases such as scarlet fever or shingles. Rashes can present as red, bumpy patches of skin that might be itchy, irritated, or sore to the touch, and can range from mild to life-threatening.

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