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Kids & Babies

We at heal recognise that when your child or young person is sick can have an impact on the entire family and how difficult this can be.

One of the most common signs of illness in children is a fever.  Other symptoms you may notice is they have a runny or blocked nose, rash, vomiting or diarrhoea and lethargy with minimal appetite.

Common illnesses in childhood include common cold, croup, ear infections, whooping cough, chickenpox, gastroenteritis (gastro) and hand foot and mouth disease.

These illnesses are very common and germs spread quickly amongst children as they play closely together and touch all the same surfaces, whether that be at home, childcare or in the playground.

If your child’s symptoms do not improve after 48 hours or you are concerned, give us a call or visit for a specialist urgent care review.

*If your child is under 12 weeks old please call to discuss suitability.

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